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Olive trees can live for thousands of years and if you’ve ever been to an olive grove you know that the trees are surrounded by a calming, tranquil beauty. When the olive tree is cut and hand-crafted into products like honey dippers, lemon squeezers or fruit bowls, we are able to see just how beautiful that olive tree is on the inside, too! With wood grain that captivates the eye, each one of our olive wood products is perfectly suited for any household with a love for natural beauty. We are very proud of our beautiful olive wood pieces and know they'll make a delightful addition to your home. For premium olive wood gifts to go with our premium olive oils, look no further!

Interested in seeing where our extra virgin olive oil, premium California olives and olive wood products come from? Visit us at our Olive View Ranch and learn all about how we make our awesome oils as you stroll through the olive groves!

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