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Back Sweet Zhug Chicken and Rice

The middle-eastern inspired dish smells fresh and rich and the taste is addictive.

Recipe SZCR1



Coat the bottom of a one-size-too-small Pyrex pan with Picante Pepper EVOO. Place chicken in pan, drizzle with additional Picante Pepper EVOO. Coat top of chicken with generous layer of Zhug and bake at 325 for about 1 hour, until done.

While chicken is cooking start the rice. Mix raisins, rice, and 2T Picante Pepper EVOO together and cook as you normally would.

Carefully slice hot chicken into small, almost bite sized pieces. When rice is fully cooked add chicken, coconut milk, and a generous sprinkling of Zhug, stirring constantly until the coconut milk has been fully absorbed by the rice. Turn into a serving bowl squeeze the juice from the lime/lemon over the dish. Add a light dusting of Zhug for color, serve and enjoy.

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