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What's In Your Olive Oil?

Lesson 1: Our Approach

To really get to know Temecula Olive Oil Company Olive Oil, you should get to know Temecula Olive Oil Company! We are bringing the farm to your table by providing the seasons freshest olive oil. We are the growers! We plant, cultivate, harvest, and crush the fruit ourselves. The end result is incomparable to anything else on the market.

steel mill

The Making of an Olive Oil Company

Temecula Olive Oil Company was founded in 2001 by Catherine Pepe and Nancy Curry. It is founded on the passionate belief that the best olive oil can only come from the best ingredients. We are dedicated to sourcing only the freshest California ingredients, many of which come from our own ranch in Aguanga, CA.

We harvest our olives starting in Late October and November by vigorously shaking the olive trees with special tools designed to “comb” the olives from the branches.


For unflavored olive oil the olives are crushed in a stainless steel mill. To flavor our olive oil, we add the highest quality ingredients available, like roasted garlic or fresh California basil, to each batch during the crushing. This method extracts the maximum amount of flavor from the ingredients and maintains the integrity and nutrition of the olive oil because it is not heated to “infuse” the flavor


The olive crush is then spread on large plates, the plates are stacked and compressed to expel the olive oil from the crushed fruit.


Our premium olive oil is bottled as fresh as possible to guarantee the highest quality and most delicious flavor! It is really that simple, there are no additives, no fillers, nothing keeping you from enjoying the freshest, most delicious olive oil nature has to offer.