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Temecula Olive Oil Company: Olive Our Favorite Things

About a year ago, Elizabeth and I were in San Diego for a wedding. We flew out on Friday for a Saturday ceremony, and we gave ourselves the luxury of two additional days. On one of those days, we drove about an hour north of San Diego to the Temecula Valley, a wine-producing region that is coming into its own in terms of quality, reputation and approach. We spent a beautiful day tasting our way along a stretch of road that boasts more than a dozen wineries in close proximity to one another.

At some point in the course of our tastings, we saw an ad for something called the Temecula Olive Oil Company. Intrigued by the prospect of artisanally produced olive oil, we resolved to check it out at the end of our tasting tour. So we drove back along Rancho California Road and crossed Route 15 (our way back to San Diego), at which point we found ourselves on a picturesque street in Old Town Temecula. There, among shops like The Country Porch, Olde Town Mercantile and the House of Jerky, we arrived at the Temecula Olive Oil Company.

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