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Just 2 tablespoons, that's all it takes! Consuming extra virgin olive oil daily can help to improve your health, and all it takes is 2 tablespoons a day! It sounds pretty simple, right? Here's what you need to know:

- Daily consumption of about 2 tablespoons of fresh extra virgin olive oil can help protect and repair your body

- Fresh extra virgin olive oil (evoo) has anti-inflammatory properties

- Fresh evoo may possess cardioprotective properties

- Fresh evoo can help to regulate intestinal microbiota

- Fresh evoo has highly beneficial phenolic compounds (antioxidants)

- Fresh evoo is a wonderful source of polyunsaturated fats 

- Fresh evoo has anti-microbial properties

- Bath & Body products made with fresh evoo can restore dry & damaged skin & hair

- Fresh evoo is a superfood with naturally-occuring health benefits that can help you live a healthier, tastier life!

Here at Temecula Olive Oil Company we do everything by hand, from harvesting ripe fruit from our California olive groves to packing up each gift box, and our guarantee to you is the highest quality olive oil product we can make. All of our olive oils are current harvest and the fresh-pressed date is on the label so you can control the freshness. 

Tips for Choosing Your Olive Oil:

- Know your grower! Knowing where your food comes from helps to ensure all of the ingredients in your diet are whole and high quality. We go beyond organic with regenerative farming with no fillers or artificial preservatives, just all-natural unfiltered 100% California extra virgin olive oil.

- Make sure your olive oil is fresh! The fresher the oil, the healthier it is for you. All of our bottles are fresh-press dated so that you can control the freshness. We recommend enjoying your oil within 9-12 months of the press date, and within 3-6 months of opening, but if you go through your bottle faster that's okay!

- Find an olive oil you enjoy! Our traditional extra virgin olive oils are released seasonally and range from grassy & peppery to buttery & smooth, but we also make some olive oils that are co-milled with fresh fruits or herbs like Fresh Basil, Fresh Blood Orange, and Fresh Jalapeno, so that you can get all of the health benefits with even more all-natural flavor. Elevate your recipes as well as your health!

For more information on the health benefits of olive oil, please click HERE. Click HERE for recipes using our fresh-squeezed extra virgin olive oils, aged balsamico vinegars, slow-cured olives, artisan foods and more! Interested in joining our Olive Oil Club? Click HERE for information on how to Join the Club. 

Just 2 tablespoons, that's all it takes! Just 2 tablespoons of fresh extra virgin olive oil a day can provide incredible health benefits. We use only the finest & freshest California olives which we grow, harvest & cold-press on our family owned & operated olive ranch in Southern California. We started Temecula Olive Oil Company twenty years ago and produce incredible extra virgin olive oil that is not only good for you, it's unbelievably delicious too! Please click HERE to see our selection of fresh-squeezed olive oil. 

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