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Our Temecula Olive Oil Company hatch Chili Pesto is the flavor frenzy of New Mexico mingling with California. Stir this delicious spread into risotto or pasta, top your burger, finish grilled meats, add to your sandwich & pizza or spice up a classic dip. Hatch a plan to get your Hatch Chili Pesto online or from any of our Tasting Rooms today - Down the hatch! 7.75oz.


Ingredients: hatch green chilies, roasted green bell peppers, roasted yellow onion, Temecula Olive Oil Company extra virgin olive oil, garlic, cilantro, parsley, salt, spice, black pepper, and citric acid.

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The famous Hatch Chile comes from Hatch, New Mexico and brings a wonderful kick to any number of dishes. Add that with our famous Temecula Olive Oil Company extra virgin olive oil and herbs& spices and you've got a magic ingredient that will wow all of your best buds and each of your taste buds. From pasta to sandwiches to dipping bread or crackers, this southwest sensation is ready for you! 7.75oz.

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