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This rich combination of Maui sugar, TOOC olive oil, and the soothing scent of lavender is perfect for gentle exfoliation. Use our Temecula Olive Oil Company Lavender Sugar Scrub in the shower to scrub away dryness and rinse to reveal smooth and glowing skin. This product is a real time saver because no body lotion is needed after. We also love it to sooth our tired summer feet leaving them soft and silky smooth. It also makes a great hand scrub for the gardener or car enthusiast in your life. 8oz.

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Soothing lavender added to Maui sugar and our Temecula Olive Oil Company premium olive oil for a relaxing scent that takes you away. Try our Temecula Olive Oil Company Lavender Sugar Scrub for the spa treatment that your skin deserves! 8oz

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