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  • FOOD: Consumers have appetite for olive oil tasting rooms

    The two women swished, sniffed, slurped, oohed and ahhed in the tasting room during a recent vacation in the Temecula Valley.

    It was Josie Orito’s first time in wine country, but she and her sister, Lorinda Cortese, 69, of Upland, weren’t indulging in the crushed grape.

    “We love everything,” gushed Orito, 72, as she charged $47.98 worth of products to carry home to Fresno.

    They had bellied up to the back room bar of the Temecula Olive Oil Company, where they sampled a smorgasbord of oils infused with blood oranges, lemons, garlic and basil, several drops of each.

    “On weekends we get hundreds and hundreds of visitors,” said Donna Jackson, who explains the oils and balsamics that she decants into one-ounce paper souffle cups.

    The country, and especially the state, is awash in what some consider the new liquid gold, whose popularity has exploded, thanks to the Food Network, the Internet and the ballyhooed Mediterranean diet that promotes a high consumption of olive oil.

    ~The Press Enterprise- See full article

  • THE TEMECULA BEAT: Local expert praises "scandalous!" olive oil tome

    Scandalous! Explosive! Olive oil?


    In "Extra Virginity: The Sublime and Scandalous World of Olive Oil,"Tom Mueller explains, in often riveting detail, how the olive oil trade has sometimes mirrored the international drug trade and how the "extra virgin" label may be deceiving or a flat-out lie in some cases.

    The book has garnered applause from many foodies and critics, including the folks at USA Today, which recently named it a top pick .

    For those wondering what any of this has to do with Temecula, the city is home to the Temecula Olive Oil Company, a homegrown business that sells its oil all throughout the state and internationally.

    ~San Diego Union-Tribune- See full article

  • California’s Olive Oils Challenge Europe’s

    AMERICAN food lovers have long taken for granted that only olive oils from the Mediterranean are worth buying — preferably with an olive tree, an Italian flag and some words like “authentic cold pressed” on the bottle.

    But in the last decade, California producers have mounted a major new effort to bring back the domestic olive oil industry, planting thousands of acres, building new mills and producing oils that can be fresher, purer and cheaper than all but the finest imports.

    ~The New York Times - See full article 

  • Energized by a mission

    Driving out to Aguanga just after sunrise, I counted nine hot-air balloons rising above the farmland. From wineries to Applebee’s, equestrian training grounds to Motocross superstars, this hot and fertile swatch of southern Riverside County is a study in contrasts. But 18 miles east of Temecula, there’s a sweet-smelling little corner called the Temecula Olive Oil Company.

    The Temecula Olive Oil Company is a small and picturesque ranch with seven acres of mission olive trees, though the company manages more than 120 acres in total. Small gardens of herbs, flowers and seasonal vegetables welcome visitors with bright colors and heady scents, and pale purple wisteria and grape vines share climbing space around a covered tasting area.

    ~San Diego City Beat- See full article

  • Olive oil tasting party the perfect summer rendez vous!

    Which olive oil do you use? Do you have more than one in the pantry? All olive oils are different and each one, like good wine, has a unique flavor profile.
    As you may know, Olives are grown all over the world : France, Portugal, Greece, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Turkey, Egypt and, of course, Italy. Our own growers in California produce wonderful olive oils, too.
    As a Personal Cook and Cooking Instructor, I am always curious about new ingredients, new flavors. Last, Saturday I drove into Old Town Temecula to some Olive Oil tasting at the Temecula Olive Oil Company where they grow and crush their own olives for a variety of products.

    ~Celine's Cuisine- See full article

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