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This heart-healthy Temecula Olive Oil Company gift set includes a bottle of our buttery & herbaceous Fresh Mediterranean Herbs Olive Oil, a jar of our slow-cured Mediterranean Olives, a jar of our spectacular Zhug Spice Rub, a jar of our all-natural Garden Herb Salt, a jar of our Green Olive Tapenade Spread for snacks, pasta dishes & sandwiches, one of our incredible Olive Oil Lip Balms to keep your lips fresh & healthy, a Reusable Pour Top for the perfect drizzle & a handwritten Gift Tag! It's the perfect gift for you & those you hold dear. These premium olive oil products are the quintessential companion to flavorful, healthy living, and living like this tastes good!

More ideas? Add one of our Honey Balsamico Bianco vinegars made with a blend of wildflower honey from the bees on our Olive View Ranch. Try one of our handcrafted Olive Wood Honey Dippers to drizzle honey over greek yogurt or to naturally sweeten Olive Leaf Tea.

Olive Oil - 375ml / 12.68 fl oz - All of our olive oil is fresh-squeezed & harvest dated so you can control the freshness. Olives - 10oz drain weight - Slow-cured for 18-24 months. Dips & Spreads - 5-8oz - Made with our premium TOOC extra virgin olive oil. Paleo, Keto, Vegan, Gluten Free.

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Get your Mediterranean diet gift basket delivered! The Mediterranean Diet focuses on fresh, whole foods that are made with all-natural ingredients. We know you'll enjoy all of our seasonal selections. Each of our fresh products are hand-packed to perfection in our custom gift boxes to ensure a safe arrival & breathtaking presentation. 

To create our Fresh Mediterranean Herbs co-milled extra virgin olive oil we took fresh organic rosemary, oregano & basil and co-milled them with our hand-harvested California olives, then cold-pressed them together to create a sensational centerpiece for daily dining. Our olives are grown in our SoCal olive groves and slow-cured for 18-24 months using old world recipes. Our herbs & spices & salts are all-natural artisan products using proprietary blends that we're certain you'll enjoy on a variety of dishes. Our tapenades & spreads are made with the finest fresh olives and our fresh-squeezed extra virgin olive oil. All of our olive oil soaps, lotions & balms are made with our TOOC olive oil and will have your skin & lips feeling fresh & rejuvenated. 

By now you’ve probably heard of the Mediterranean Diet - that it’s consistently named the best & healthiest diet for the long term reduction of heart disease, that it can reduce inflammation, strokes and even the risk of Alzheimer’s, that it’s been linked with some of the longest lifespans and that it’s at the top of the healthiest weight loss diet lists year in and year out. 

More than a restrictive eating plan, the Mediterranean Diet is a lifestyle, a way of thinking & knowing about what we eat and how it’s prepared. There are more than a dozen countries that call the banks of the Mediterranean Sea their home, and each of them offers a staggering number of traditional dishes. The common thread among all of the jewels of the Mediterranean? You’ve got it - Olive oil! We use only the finest olives grown right here in our Southern California olive groves, and all of our olive oil is fresh-squeezed and harvest dated so that you can control the freshness.

We've been California's premier olive oil producers for 20 years and we keep a list of nutrition facts & tips (for more info visit our Nutrition page).

* Make sure your olive oil is fresh. Our fresh-squeezed extra virgin olive oil has high levels of phenols & antioxidants (the healthy stuff) because we use only the finest, fresh California olives and only sell current harvest oils. 

* Replace saturated fats with fresh-squeezed olive oil, ideally 2 tablespoons each day, and your health inside & out will begin to improve. You can use olive oil in vinaigrettes to access fat-soluble vitamins. A drizzle can improve & compliment the taste of heart-healthy foods like raw and cooked fruits & vegetables as well as nuts, meats & cheeses.

* Know your grower. It's important to know where your food comes from and how it's made. We use regenerative farming practices, no chemicals and no heat processes. We guarantee the highest quality in all of our products & invite you to tour our Olive View Ranch to learn more about how we make our liquid gold and how our olive oil can benefit your daily diet! 

Cooking ideas? At breakfast try this Mediterranean Herb Olive Oil in place of butter to cook up a fantastic veggie & cheese omelet for a fresh start to the day. Pair it with fresh seafood like baked salmon, or brush over grilled lamb & chicken. Fresh cucumbers sprinkled with Garden Herb Salt & Zhug Spice Rub, or Green Olive Tapenade spread over warm crostinis are simple recipes packed with flavor & nutrients.

Order A Taste of the Mediterranean gift basket for yourself or someone special who loves heart-healthy foods with incredible all-natural flavor. Now you can have your Mediterranean Diet delivered fresh with everything you need to make all of your meals an event to remember!


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