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  1. Fresh Rosemary 100 ml

    100 ml Rosemary Reserve Olive Oil - Late Harvest

    Limited Release: Available in Summer.  California comfort food in a bottle. We blend our Mission olives with Tuscan Blue rosemary and then crush them together to create this warm, robust flavor. A real workhorse to liven up your meals. Use it for roasted potatoes, lamb chops, pork tenderloin, grilled rib-eye, and swordfish. 100ml

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  2. Harvest Gift Set

    Harvest Gift Set

    Celebrate Harvest with everything you need to make your favorite seasonal recipes.

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  3. Lip Balm - Vanilla

    Vanilla Lip Balm

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    This exceptional lip balm not only helps heal chapped lips, it protects them as well. Learn More

  4. Reduce Your Dependence on Foreign Oil T-Shirt (XL)

    T-Shirt - 'Reduce Your Dependence on Foreign Oil' (Men's XL)

    Speak out for your environment and your cuisine! Learn More
  5. Plain & Simple Gift Set - TVB and Crema Negra

    Plain & Simple Gift Set

    A nice combination of our traditional olive oil with our Honey Balsamic vinegar Muffaletta spread and Late Harvest olives

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  6. Sandalwood Shaving Soap

    Sandalwood Shaving Soap

    Sandalwood Shaving Soap Learn More

  7. Wasabi Ginger Olives

    Wasabi Ginger Olives

    Try our new Wasabi Ginger Olives. Learn More

  8. Molto Burrosa - "Very Buttery" Late Harvest

    Molto Burrosa - "Very Buttery" Late Harvest

    Limited Release Item! Available in Summer. Limited Edition Molto Burrosa is Italian for “very buttery”. This late harvest oil is the perfect and healthy substitute for butter. One taste and you’ll be hooked! Learn More


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  9. /

    Olive View Estate Olive Oil November 4,5 2013

    Our first ever bottling from our Olive View Estate. This rich olive oil will be the delight of the table for all of you holiday meals. Learn More

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  10. Lime Shaving Soap

    Lime Shaving Soap

    Shaving Soap with Lime. Learn More

  11. Le Caprice de Nature Olive Oil

    Le Caprice de Nature Olive Oil

    Limited Release Item! Available in Fall. The first "tears" of this year's harvest is the remarkably fresh, unfiltered oil of our finest olives. Here's your first chance to savor its unique characteristics.

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  12. Classic Pimento Olives

    Classic Pimento Olives

    Our version of an old classic! Learn More

  13. Salt Box with Lid

    Salt Box with Lid

    A salt box with lid is made from our pure olive wood line. Learn More

  14. Basil Lime Shaving Soap

    Basil Lime Shaving Soap

    Our shaving soap with Basil Lime is refreshing. Learn More

  15. Shaving Brush

    Shaving Brush

    Use this shaving brush along with any of our wonderful shaving soaps. Learn More

  16. Fresh Lemon Olives

    Fresh Lemon Olives

    Try our new Fresh Lemon Olives. Hand stuffed with lemon zest! Learn More

  17. Olive Wood Cutting Board- 40cm

    Olive Wood Cutting Board- 40cm

    Olive Wood Cutting Board. Learn More

  18. Pomegranate Shaving Soap

    Pomegranate Shaving Soap

    Shaving soap with a hint of pomegranate. Learn More

  19. Red Wine Vinegar

    Red Wine Vinegar

    With 5% acidity, this robust, California red wine vinegar is both crisp and complex. It brings a new dimension to vinaigrettes, is an ideal marinade for meats and vegetables and makes a lively dip when combined with one of our premium olive oil.

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  20. Grillin' Salt

    Grillin' Salt

    This salt is great to add to your grilling and bbq dishes. Learn More

Items 161 to 180 of 183 total

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