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  1. Soap - Orange Clove

    Orange & Clove Soap

    Seasonal Item! This spicy and sweet scented olive oil soap will wake you up and get you whistling your favorite tune. Available in the Fall.

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  2. /

    Dulce de Leche

    Dulce de Leche Soap

    Learn More

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  3. Ethiopian Berbere Spice Mix

    Ethiopian Berbere Spice Mix

    Ingredients: Paprika, chili cayenne, black pepper, dark chili powder, cumin, brown sugar, salt Learn More

  4. Orange Blossom Laundry Soap

    Orange Blossom Laundry Soap

    Clean and refreshing, our Orange Blossom Olive Oil Laundry Soap will make your laundry smell fresh like Springtime! Learn More

  5. D'Luscious Lemon

    D'Luscious Lemon Olive Oil

    We use select fresh California lemons and press them with our highly acclaimed Mission olives to create this delicious flavored olive oil. Learn More

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  6. Preserved Meyer Lemons

    Preserved Meyer Lemons

    Mediterranean classic! Intense lemon flavor combined with a touch of saltiness. Learn More

  7. Smoked Paprika (Hot)

    Smoked Paprika (Hot)

    These Paprika fruits related to the chili are slowly smoked over oak-wood fires. Learn More
  8. Chef's Coat - Small

    Chef's Coat- Small

    The classic kitchen wear. The more you wash it the better it feels. Bring out your inner chef! Chef's Coat Learn More

  9. Fragrance Free Laundry Soap

    Fragrance Free Laundry Soap

    TOOC Fragrance Free laundry soap is gentle to clothes and won't irritate dry skin, eczema and psoriasis. Learn More

  10. TOOC Hat - Black

    TOOC Hat - Black

    TOOC Hats are so comfortable, your head will always want to wear one! Learn More
  11. Reduce Your Dependence on Foreign Oil T-Shirt (XXL)

    T-Shirt - 'Reduce Your Dependence on Foreign Oil' (Men's XXL)

    Speak out for your environment and your cuisine! Learn More
  12. Frantoio


    The Frantoio olive tree is an Italian varietal we use to form topiaries into different shapes. With a heart shape that makes a perfect Valentine's Day present. Learn More

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  13. Salt Box with Lid

    Salt Box with Lid

    A salt box with lid is made from our pure olive wood line. Learn More

  14. Basil Lime Shaving Soap

    Basil Lime Shaving Soap

    Our shaving soap with Basil Lime is refreshing. Learn More

  15. Fresh Lemon Olives

    Fresh Lemon Olives

    Try our new Fresh Lemon Olives. Hand stuffed with lemon zest! Learn More

  16. Olive Wood Cutting Board- 40cm

    Olive Wood Cutting Board- 40cm

    Olive Wood Cutting Board. Learn More

  17. Grillin' Salt

    Grillin' Salt

    This salt is great to add to your grilling and bbq dishes. Learn More

  18. Le Caprice de Nature Olive Oil

    Le Caprice de Nature Olive Oil

    Limited Release Item! Available in Fall. The first "tears" of this year's harvest is the remarkably fresh, unfiltered oil of our finest olives. Here's your first chance to savor its unique characteristics.

    Learn More

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  19. Sun Dried Tomato Olives

    Sun Dried Tomato Olives

    For sauces or snacking, hand stuffed California olives with sun dried tomatoes. Learn More

  20. Wasabi Ginger Olives

    Wasabi Ginger Olives

    Try our new Wasabi Ginger Olives. Learn More

Items 161 to 180 of 186 total

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