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Sea Salts

In order to be at our best, we must provide our bodies with natural products. That’s why these hand-harvested natural sea salts are a must for every pantry. We’ve got multiple varieties; from Hawaiian natural sea salts to Bolivian Rose natural sea salts. For whatever you are seasoning, from chicken to steak, our natural sea salts will give your food the extra kick that you’ve been looking for. You will feel good knowing that you are cooking with unprocessed, all natural sea salts that result in the creation of delicious foods!

Like olive oil, natural sea salts are the basis for many civilizations and cuisines all over the world. From Hawaii to Bolivia, we’ve found the best natural sea salts and packaged them for your use. As always, we’re proud to bring you the very best products in our collection of natural sea salts. Natural sea salts for an unnaturally delicious flavor!

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  1. Fiery Hot Salt Sale

    Fiery Hot Salt

    Fiery hot chili 's from around the world added to northern California hand harvested sea salts 9oz

    Learn More

    Regular Price: $9.50

    Now only: $8.99

  2. Fumee de Sel

    Fumee de Sel Sea Salt

    The French salt crystals are cold smoked until toasty brown and infused with flavors imparted from the old oak wine barrels use to age fine French chardonnays. Learn More

  3. Murray River Sea Salt

    Murray River Salt Crystals

    Light and delicate, the wonderfully mild flavor and delicate peach colored flakes of these finely textured crystals make it ideal as a finishing salt. Learn More

  4. Salish Salt

    Salish Smoked Sea Salt

    This new breed of natural smoked salt is rapidly gaining in popularity for its clean, authentic flavor and no lingering aftertaste. Learn More

  5. Sel Gris de Guerande

    Sel Gris de Guerande

    Natural and unrefined, the beautiful gray color comes from the pond’s clay and adds valuable minerals and nutrients that enhance the flavor and nutritional value of this world-acclaimed salt. Learn More

  6. Solar Rain Sea Salt

    Solar Rain Sea Salt

    Solar Rain emulates the hydrologic cycle. Learn More

  7. sonoma salt

    Sonoma Kosher

    Kosher salt is used in cooking by most chefs for it's milder flavor than regular iodized table salt, so that your food tastes brighter and better Learn More

  8. sterling salt

    Sterling Sea Salt

    Sun and wind evaporate the water and naturally purify the crystals that are then crushed and screened. Learn More

  9. Alaea Hawaiian Sea Salt

    Alaea Hawaiian Sea Salt

    Especially good on grilled or roasted meats, you'll also enjoy it on all kinds of appetizers, entrees and vegetables. Learn More

  10. Garden Herb Salt

    Garden Herb Salt

    Rubbed on meats or fish, it will bring a new zing to your old favorites. Learn More

  11. Grillin' Salt

    Grillin' Salt

    This salt is great to add to your grilling and bbq dishes. Learn More

  12. Hiwa Kai Hawaiian Black Sea Salt

    Hiwa Kai Sea Salt

    This Hiwa Kai Hawaiian black sea salt has a nice silky texture and numerous heath benefits. Learn More

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