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Herb & Garlic Stuffed Olives

We blend hand-selected fresh herbs and garlic with creamy cheese and gently stuff our premium pitted olives with this special mixture to create a flavorful treat you're sure to enjoy. We like to toss them into warm pasta salads, though many friends favor them in martinis. However you favor these herb and garlic stuffed olives, they're sure to be your favorite. Drain weight 10oz 

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Olives & Garlic HeavenReview by Rhonda Fouts
I am sooooo in LOVE with the taste of the Herb & Garlic Stuffed Olives. They are to die for!
I am a Type 2 diabetic on a low-carb diet so there are not a whole lot of things to indulge in. But these lovely olives are one that I can. In moderation of course.
I bought my 1st jar when I visited San Diego when my son graduated from the Marines. I live in Wisconsin, so now when I need my fix of olives and olive oils I will have to order from here....
Thank you Temecula Olive Oil Company!! (Posted on 6/16/11)

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