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Citrus Reserve Olive Oil - Late Harvest Made With Fresh Blood Oranges

"Orange" You in Love with this Olive Oil? Even purists fall head-over-heels in love with this special blend. We wed our premier olive oil with the sweet flavor of fresh blood oranges (often described as an orange kissed by a raspberry). Your cakes, salads, and seafood await!

Size: 375ml

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My favorite of the flavored oilsReview by Maureen O'Doherty
I use the Citrus olive oil in all of my delicate cooking and it is especially good on trout caught from the lake 20 feet away. I always have a bottle in reserve. (Posted on 3/17/12)
TOOC has spoiled usReview by Barbara Di Toro
TOOC has spoiled us every since our first taste tasting 3 years ago while visiting our daughter and her family in CA. We can't imagine using any other olive oil. As for the citrus olive oil, wouldn't make pancakes or French toast without it. (Posted on 1/19/12)
So Delicious!Review by Jo Scruggs
I can just imagine using this for many dishes. Thank you for such a refreshing blend. (Posted on 12/30/11)
My fav TOOC olive oil!!!Review by Vanessa Laurinovics
This citrus olive oil enhances so many foods! Great on seafood, chicken, and is excellent for making salad dressing. Love to drizzle this over asparagus spears and sprinkle with lemon pepper! (Posted on 12/3/11)
CITRUS LOVEReview by Cynthia Whitney-Ward
No I didn't dab this ambrosial olive oil behind my ear...but I've splashed it over and in just about everything else. Memorable on pasta with asparagus...equally memorable with a simple egg omelet...chicken? last 30 minutes brush it on an almost-done roast chicken...I could go on and on...maybe I will dab it behind my ear...perfect for that last drop in the bottle... (Posted on 4/25/11)
The best!!Review by Carol Brown
I was in Temecula last month, went to your store and had a tasting of a lot of your oils. The citrus reserve is really outstanding. I am going to order some for gifts. I am so glad I took the trip to Temecula...and found you!! (Posted on 10/10/10)

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